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Staying Ahead of the Sustainability Curve: How CSRD, Customer Engagement & Source Traceability Come Together

June 6th, 2023

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12:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)
How do you communicate the sustainability of your products to your customers? Do you know how much they care about the environmental and social impact of their purchases? Is CSRD just a mysterious abbreviation to you or are you already pushing through data collection to comply with the directive?

In this webinar, we'll walk through a real-life use case of the ways companies can leverage source traceability tools and the CSRD data to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive sustainability arena.

We’ll discuss how to communicate the sustainability of your products to customers in a way that resonates with them and drives sales. We'll cover topics such as understanding your customers' ESG expectations, using data and storytelling to create compelling messages, and measuring the impact of these communications. We’ll touch upon how to use the data you collect for the CSRD to win trust and gain loyalty from the existing and new customers. Additionally, we’ll discuss how sustainable supply chains can affect customer engagement and brand loyalty.
In this 45-minute session, we will discuss:
  • How to get tangible social benefits from complying with CSRD
  • How to engage your customers with digital content that tells the story of your products from source to shelf
  • A real-life use case on how companies who already use source traceability boost customer engagement and retention rate, and what tool can help with that

Q&A session
  • Anzhelika Minina
    Sustainability Director, Originica
  • Gabriel Petrosian
    Business Development Director, USolutions
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