We empower Medium-sized businesses to measure and manage their carbon footprint using Microsoft Power Platform, helping them comply with CSRD and other regulations
ESG studio – Streamlined Carbon Reporting
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Medium enterprises face ever-increasing pressure from global regulators
Companies must balance the need for regulatory adherence with the challenge of maintaining operational agility, all within the constraints of their resource limitations. This balancing act is key to sustaining growth and securing a strong position to stay competitive.
Medium-sized companies need to prioritise CSRD compliance for enhanced transparency in sustainability. This transparency is key to attracting ethical investors and leveraging better risk management, thereby contributing to long-term business success and resilience.
Large B2B customers demand sustainability reporting from suppliers, driven by regulatory obligations and investor pressure to improve sustainability across the entire value chain.
Medium enterprise businesses promote sustainability to enhance reputation, attract customers and employees, and secure financing. All of this helps such businesses align with the growing consumer preference for ethical and sustainable practices.
EU Non-Financial Disclosure Directive (EU NFDD) entered into force
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) scope published
Large non-listed companies should prepare CSRD
SME also required to meet reporting standards, with report submission in 2027

All listed companies + large companies with
> 250 employees, Net revenue > EUR 40 mln, Balance sheet total > EUR 20M

Carbon reporting challenges

#1 Challenge

Data collection and low data quality
  • Handling massive volumes of data, incl. direct emission data, process activity data, and emissions factors
  • Data mismatches, scattered information across company, and disconnected systems hinder effective reporting

17% of mid-sized companies face these challenges

#2 Challenge

Manual tasks

  • Challenges in allocating time and personnel for GHG emission calculations
  • Shortage or the absence of dedicated sustainability managers
  • Expertise and knowledge gaps
  • Organizational siloes, lack of coordination, lack of management support

33% of mid-sized companies face these challenges

#3 Challenge

  • The high total cost of ownership associated with reporting platforms existing on the market
  • Deployment and integration challenges exacerbate financial burdens
  • Challenges in navigating diverse solutions and comprehending their features and benefits

20% of mid-sized companies face these challenges

ESG Studio – solution built for mid-sized companies
U.Solutions based on Power Platform helps to calculate carbon emissions with specific business requirements, diverse data sources, and granular reporting. This comprehensive and integrated solution is designed to meet the most critical needs of our clients at any stage of their sustainability journey.
What does U.Solutions bring to medium-sized businesses?
Flexibility and Ease-of-Use
Flexibility for clients to speed up GHG calculation process. Ease-of-use guaranteed with low-code/no-code tools.
​Data input and Integrations​
Gather and update carbon footprint data utilizing Excel imports, integrity checks, and data connectors.
Built by Microsoft partner on Microsoft technology stack. Top-tier security and resilience at 99.99%. Client data is stored in Microsoft Azure's private cloud, ensuring total access control.​
Cost efficiency
Competitively priced for implementation and licensing. Optimizes costs for both integration and process automation.

Get started with a complimentary workshop

Get started with a complimentary 2-hour workshop to help you understand solution scope and potential customisations

U.Solutions key functionality

Data collection and aggregation
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data seamlessly from internal systems, third-party sources, business units, and emission factors.
  • Upload Excels or leverage intuitive integrations with various systems, streamlining the data input process.
  • Store essential directories and organizational units, enabling granular control and corporate-level data aggregation.

Data verification
  • Empower corporate-level users, authorized individuals, and auditors to verify data accuracy and completeness.
  • Keep an audit trail of data verification and reporting processes to ensure traceability and transparency.
  • Centralized storage facilitates tracking changes to data over time.

Data calculations
  • Tailor calculation models to your needs, seamlessly integrating activity data and emission factors for precise greenhouse gas emission calculations
  • Easily initiate and reverse calculations with user-permission control for enhanced adaptability and precision

  • Generate qualitative and quantitative pre-configured reports, including Power BI Dashboards, serving as a source for CSRD, TCFD, and ISSB reports.
  • Leverage self-service Power BI dashboards tailored to customer requirements for comprehensive and interactive data visualization.
  • Extract detailed insights for specific operational areas, identifying trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities through comprehensive reporting capabilities
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We’re commited to being responsible in all that we do
We're embedding sustainability principles into our business culture and empower our employees to accelerate their ideas to our net zero action plan. We transform our mobility by minimizing business travel and increasing our virtual collaboration capabilities via digital workplaces. We help clients with sustainability challenges. As part of our ESG policy, we have set objectives to help our clients to save 1M metric tons of CO₂e by 2030.
We have been committed to managing our resources effectively, cutting carbon emissions, and becoming a net-zero business by 2030.